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From the Soundtrack sleeve, talking to Bill From the Soundtrack sleeve, running from a tornado, with Bill Promotional shot on the set of "Twister" In the truck talking to Bill Talking to Bill in truck Talking to Jan DeBont on the set of Twister Watching as the truck rides into the tornado After being inside the tornado Running into Aunt Meg's At Aunt Meg's Running from a tornado, with Bill In the rain, with Bill, looking at tornado In the truck, looking at the F5 tornado With Bill, at the end At the drive-in movie, looking at the sky On the set, talking to Jan DeBont Running from the F-5 tornado On top of van, next to Doppler On the set Yet another of Jo and Bill running from a tornado A black and white picture similar to the one to the left Holding onto pipes with Bill Trying to get Dorothy off the truck In the truck, looking at the sky "There was no tone" Walking towards Bill's new truck Smiling looking up at Bill With Bill, explaining to Melissa what Dorothy will do Talking into radio, in truck, chasing a tornado Talking to Bill over the radio Looking up from the Doppler Smiling, looking down at Bill Talking to Bill Talking to Bill while walking to her truck to get divorce papers Reading the divorce papers With Bill (sorry, she's only HALF in this) Talking to Melissa in diner Talking to Bill on the radio Running to truck Talking to Jonas in diner Talking to Jonas in diner, about which way she is headed Talking to Melissa in diner