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bubbye.wav - "Buh-bye. I'm sorry, what, what part didn't you understand, the 'Buh', or the 'bye?' Buh-bye."

lumpfunk.wav - "Maybe you'll change your mind after we ... stuff your stocking with a lump of funk!"

rock.wav - Trudy:  The Christmas confection that really says.. 'Rock 'n Roll' to me, is the gingerbread house.  (Trudy pulls out a gingerbread house)  Terry:  Oooh.  Rock and Roll.  Trudy:  This took me 10 months to complete.  It's an exact replica of Elvis Presley's glorious Memphis estate, Graceland.  Margaret Jo:  That's so interesting, Trudy, I didn't know realize that Graceland was just one big room.  Trudy:  Well, well, it's not.  I just ran out of time before Christmas.