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breeders.wav - Jamie: We are failures as breeders! We are put on this earth to breed, and we have failed!  Paul: How do you make that kind of leap? Jamie: It's true. We've tried, we've failed.  Paul: I think that's a little bit harsh.  Jamie: Have we tried?  Paul: Yes.  Jamie: Have we failed?  Paul: Well..  Jamie: Okay, we've tried, we've failed!

british.wav - Maggie: I shall have my parcel.  Jamie: No you shant, you british freak!

cakemeto.wav - Jamie: (to Mabel) Cake!....I love cake!....Cake! Cake! Cake! (husky voice) Me too!

equal.wav - Jamie: Look, Troy.. I'm going to take an emotional risk; I feel uncomfortable with the expanded role you've taken in this campaign. I feel you're not expecting my boundaries, and if I may be honest, my fear is, you're making a play for my job, which makes me feel hurt and frightened. Troy: Can I be honest with you? Jamie: Sure.. Troy: I don't care! Troy: Things have changed, and you're going to have to start treating me like an equal. Jamie: Equal? I'm a salary campaign manager, you're the coffee boy; why don't you GET me some Equal.

finger2.wav - Jamie: (trying to talk Paul into going to the Silver Sprocket awards) It'll give you a chance to display your class, your dignity, your panache. Paul: Hey, hey, I don't want to display my panache to anybody but you, that's private. Jamie: You have lovely panache. Paul: Thank you. What if I go and I lose? Jamie: If you lose, then, with as much grace and equanimity as you can muster, you give 'em the finger and run away!

fudgie.wav - Jamie: I don't have the feeling... that feeling... that GOOD feeling.. that fudgie feeling.

jamsylv1.wav - {Jamie at work trying to get fired, Sylvia at home} (phone rings)  Jamie: Hey sexy..  Sylvia: It's Sylvia!  Jamie: How long has it been since I've had my arms around you?  Sylvia: A long time.. Jamie: Well, honey, we are gonna change that..  Sylvia: I really should go!  Jamie: OK, you tiger, I'll see you tonight!  Sylvia: Okay..bye..

jamsylv2.wav - (phone rings)  Sylvia: Hello?  Jamie: Hi sweetie, listen, Mabel's hat size is a small..  Sylvia: It's you again! Jamie: What are you wearing?!  Sylvia: I'm hanging up..  Jamie: Take a shower..I'm coming home at 5!  Sylvia: I'm sorry for everything I ever did wrong to you!!  Jamie:**makes kissing noises**

members.wav - Jamie: Repeat after me: Yes we're members, wanna make somethin' of it?!

milk.wav - Jamie:  PLEASE?  Can I PLEASE have a cup of coffee?!  Paul:  NOO!  Because coffee does a pregnant body bad.  Milk, on the other hand, does a pregnant body good.  Alright, now.. ask me..  Jamie:  I really don't want to ask you.  Paul:  Please ask me!  Jamie:  Got milk?  Paul:  Yaaaaaaaaay!  Yes I do!  Want some?  Want some nice milk?  Jamie:  Yes I do, I want a little bit (starts to whisper) to poor into a cup of coffee!

momjump.wav - (Trying to give up swearing for the baby)  Mother.... (stops herself) ...jumper!!

moodblue.wav - {Girl in beauty parlor}: Are you married? Jamie: Oh yea!! Yup, I'm married! You betcha! (sarcastically) ..and he's great..he really is..he tries..especially with the kid. He cleans up a mess or two, here and there, and I'm supposed to give him a standing ovation..(really sarcastically) thank you!! Oh, thank you!! While I'm stuck here all day, cleaning up projectile..EVERYthing..but you, go, go! Off to work on your film..putting together the oldest possible cast of Pirates of Penzance..(sarcastically imitating Paul in a really funny voice) mmm, gotta go! It's for charity! See ya later!! So I get half an hour before I have to race home so that his daughter can actually suck on me! Fifteen times a day! I don't have the energy to use a Q-tip, let alone put together a photo album featuring me, and my magic stomach! ........How many bridesmaids are you having?

nimrod.wav - "Hey, watch it nimrod!!"

noasknat.wav - Jamie: (Arly just said she was just going to "seduce" Nat) Arly, Nat, shy, very shy, no no no Arly, don't ask, don't ask, no no no no no!!

offproz.wav - (After Troy suggests that Brockwell just stops taking prozac) Jamie:  Ok, that's ridiculous.  That would never work.  It's completely absurd.  First of all you'd have to give up Prozac.  Lance:  Now, now, hold on, Jamie, Troy might be right.  Jamie:  You're going to STOP taking Prozac?!  Lance:  Yes.  See, the great thing about Prozac is that being on it, gives you the strength to get off of it.

prozac.wav - Jamie:  What's going on?  Lance:  (laughs) Well, it's kind of a funny story, actually.  I was giving my speech on health care, to a group of school children, and I thought it germain to mention some ways that I, personally, have benefitted from modern medicine.  The example sprang to mind of how I've been helped by Prozac. So-  Jamie:  Oh My God!  Troy:  See, see what you missed!  Lance:  I don't know what you two are so concerned about, I'm not worried at all!  Jamie:  Well, ofcourse not.. Cause you're on.. PROZAC?!  Lance:  I'm finding it very hard to get upset about this.

shmekout.wav - Jamie: Let's see..complain about, complain about..what in the world rhymes with complain about? Oh, I got it..schmekie out!!

sleepfun.wav - (Nat and Arly are in their apartment) Paul:  Well..  Jamie:  Okay.  Paul:  Tic-tock.  Jamie:  We should go.  Paul:  Sleepy, sleepy.  Jamie:  Have fun, you two.  Paul:  Have fun!  Jamie:  No pressure, but have fun!

sunblock.wav - Allison: (Paul's boss) Oh, you would LOVE Fiji!  It's the best place to unwind.  As soon as I land, I shed my clothes, and for a week, I just gallivant around the island naked!  Jamie:  Once we went to Jone's beach for a day and ran around without sunblock!

yahtzee.wav - Jamie: Wanna play checkers?  Paul: No. Jamie: Chess? Paul: No. Jamie: Yahtzee?  Paul: No! Jamie: I'll kick your ass at yahtzee! Paul: All right, a little yahtzee, then we go to sleep...   Jamie: Yippee!!